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As you see my site is pretty primitive and basic so no fancy auto order buttons because i like to get in contact to give you the CORRECT & CHEAPEST postage prices available! If you like to place an order just make a list of the items you like and send it via the email below or contact button above via MORE + include already your name/address and i get back to you with the postage options! Big orders get reduction or even don't pay postage!

I wil ALWAYS try to ship your items as cheap as possible! inside of Europe i ship with DPD / MONDIAL RELAIS / Bpost and i check before what courier the cheapest option has for your country! R.O.T.W. will be shipped with Bpost

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thanx a lot!


ABSOLUTIONS : paska sessions (CRUST/CORE ! a SUKK release handn. to 200 !!!)

ABUSIVE/FLAREUP! : split (Brazil/Indonesian split GRIND/VIOLENCE/HC PUNK stuff from both bands !!)

AGATHOCLES/GROTESCOLANDIA/EXACERBACION/JEFE DE LA MORGUE : no fear to oppressors 4-way split tape (as stated on the cover : ‘4-way split GRINDING + MINCING = NOISE !! full color cover/inlay and limited + handnumbered to 200 !!) 

ALCHEMY OF SICKNESS/HOLIDAY SUCKERS : split (6 tracks of AWESOME RAW GRINDCORE from Malaysia vs. ultra RAAAAAW POWERVIOLENCE from Indonesia !! YEAH !!!!) 

ANAL MASSAKER/ZOMBIE MILITIA : split (about 1400 tracks from these noisers... aaarrrggh!)

ANAL MASSAKER/DECAYIN' CORPSE : 1000 song split (oooh so noisy...oooh so great noisegrind !! )

ANTUMIA : Ankore Jai (Deutsch-Panamaische Koalition des Krachs, demo II, black noise Panama/Germany with members of ABATUAR, CHRIST SNACKS, HATROSS, JEFE DE LA MORGUE and MADRE COCA) 4€

ARCHAGATHUS/RUST : split (TOTALLY ULTRA RAW live material from both bands !! expect bare to the bone MINCE & GRINDCORE at it’s best !! limited & # to 100 copies from BOG TAPES !!)  


ATROFIA CEREBRAL : en vivo en ‘bulla subnormal’ (24 traxxxxx recorded at ‘EAR HENSLEY’ Lima PERU 2017 !! limited to 100 copies!!) 4€

ATROFIA CEREBRAL/MY WAR CRIMES : split (Peru NOISECORE vs Brazilian GRINDCORE!! Limited to only 50 copies!!) 4€

AUDIORREA/POZILGA : split (gore grind and grindnoise from Spain !! out on B.O.G. !! ;p)

BANGSAT/DEATHEVOKER : split (awesome new tape release with BANGSAT from Malaysia performing some killer crusty grind d-beat aggression including a HELLBASTARD and E.N.T. cover !! DEATHEVOKER have here 2 tracks of UNHOLY madness! limited to 100 handnumbered copies !!) 

BESTIAL VOMIT/TAKASHI OHKAWA : split (awesome lo-fi noisegrind vs. Harsh noizzzze...!!)

BESTIAL VOMIT/MUNDO DE MIERDA : split (LO-FI GRIND/NOISE from Italy vs. NOISE GRIND from Equador !! TOP release straight import from Peru !!) 

BINHO INCORPORIS PUSSY PUTREFACTION CLONO INFEST/CORPOS MUTILADOS : split (brrrrrrr... total barbaric gore/noise/black/grind split... not for trendy ears this one !!! excelent for playing in caves !!!)

BIOLOGIC ENEMY : demo tape (great GRIND/DEATH from BRAZIL! Pro-cover!!!)

BLOODRAISED/GORE CRUSADE : split (killer thrashgore deathmetal / goregrind split! Aarrgh)

BODYHAMMER : full noise DEMO TAPE (Nine tracks of insane heavy grind from Portugal limited to 100 copies !!) 

BONEACHE : penguraian dan penyakit (GREAT new band from Brazil playing some GORE/MINCE with distorted vox !! released in Malaysia !!)

BONEACHE/FECES ON DISPLAY : split (total Brazilian maniac GORE slaughter pussssss dismemberment !!!! eeeeaaalllggghhhh…)

BOTULISM : foetal dissection (GOREGRIND from Russia/Canada !!! limited to 50 copies!!) 4€

BÜFO : s/t (Old school crusty GRINDCORE from Finland feat. Läjä Äijälä on electronics. First release in 11 years!) 4€

CACASONICA/FONOGRAMA TRAPEK : split (NOISECORE vs. HARSHNOISE !! no weak shit !! ultra limited to 101 handnumbered copies !!)

CACASONICA/ORAL PROTECTION : split (The CACA guys continue with a crazy cocktail of noise madness and on the other side the ORAL guys crush with short blaaaasts of RAW/PRIMITIVE shit !!! comes with full color art/cover !!)

CAMPHORA MONOBROMATA/ROTTINGREX : split (Side A features seven tracks of raw GRINDCORE from Malaysian duo ROTTINGREX. Side B includes eight ripping numbers from Russian GRINDCORE unit CAMPHORA MONOBROMATA, including Agathocles and Rot covers) 

CANNIBE/GORY VOMIT : dawn of the corpse, night of the cannibal (split tape including GORYVOMIT from Thailand excreting some very raw and noisy goregrind vs. CANNIBE from Italy doing their sick stuff including a R.D.B. (Portugal) cover !!!)


CANNIBE/ALCHEMY OF SICKNESS : split (the re-released glossy cover version of the tape above !! Well Done !!)

CANNIBE/DISINVOLVE : split (insane splattered gore release !!! lim. to 150 handnumbered !!)

CANNIBE/CHRIST SNACKS : Inmundicia (More sick shit from CANNIBE with 5 traxxxx! CHRIST SNACKS are a GRINDCORE / DEATH METAL band from Panama City, Panamá and their recordings are taken from the "Santa Vulva" Demo tape. Limited to 66 # copies!!) 4€

CARKEMIS/ATAVISM : split (totally sick body dismemberment...aaarrgghhh!!!)

CEREBRAL HYPOXIA : rotting mind (Extreme HARSH GRINDCORE with inhuman vokills, brutal lyrics, stench messages, short traxx, ...CERBRAL HYPOXIA from the United States celebrate the pure mayhem on this tape. No trendy shit, here you can find all what you missed last years in grind/noise. Limited to 75 copies only!!) 

COMPOST/ULTIMO MONDO CANNIBALE : split (vulgar gore release on Swiss label !! KILLER stuff !!)

CUM SOCK / XANAX FEAST : split (all USA diy grind...noise...garbage !! very raw and primitive stuff... )

DARK TRANQUILLITY : Skydancer (re-press version on THE OTHER records limited to 100 BLACK tapes and 100 BLUE! Both versions in stock now!) 5€

DECAYIN' CORPSE/SODOMY ORGY IN PIG BLOOD : split (awesome noisegrind split attack!)

DECAYIN' CORPSE/CxTxD : split (after some years of silence here they are again with a recording session from Dec. 2018! CxTxD has here a raw rehearsal onslaught done in Jan ’19 ! limited and # to 55 copies!) 4€


DECHE-CHARGE/ULTRA AUDIO : split (live set from DECHE-CHARGE from 28/11/2013 and ULTRA AUDIO from Singapore spit out 5 blaaaasting grinding and noisy tracks !! killer shit from both bands !!) 

DECHE-CHARGE/HADES MINING co. : split (D-C [Canada] deliver a crushing live set of lo-fi noisecore insanity. HMCo. [USA] counter with a fucked free jazz freakout drenched in feedback. Total amplifier destruction from both bands. Limited to 200 copies) 

DEFLOWERED CUNT : collected aberations vol. 1 DOUBLE TAPE (UGHHHH…TOTAL HARSH/NOISE/WALL/CORE nuclear explodings from U.K./U.S. maniacs exploring the filthy NOISE borders and beyond!! Here you have all they recorded this far… no doubt there will be tons of more depraved releases flowering soon! Hide your cunts for the D-C !! hmmmm… where do I know this D-C thing from before??!) 6€


DEPRAVEMENT : Depths Of Dementia (Black/sludge metal band from Helsinki, Finland! 3 track demo tape) 5€

***DESTINO/ENTIERRO : Cryptic procession of the yellow sign Tape (Grinding death metal with some slow doomish parts from Tarragona!!) 5€

DISEKSA/GRIPE : indefinite detention (amazing crushing GRINDCORE full of hate from both bands !!!) 

DISFIGURED HUMAN MIND : i need your entrails in my hands(necroPorngrind from Portugal !)

DISFIGURED HUMAN MIND : atomic aberration DEMO (When you think about it really well Grindcore was meant to revolve your guts to express your frustrations and to exorcise your anger. Disfigured Human Mind does it all based on the traditional formulas going straight to your heart shredding it to tiny pieces and severing your ears deeply. No fashions, no trends, just Improvised Necro Noise Violent Grindcore to rip your body apart!) 

DISFIGURED HUMAN MIND/STOMACHAL CORROSION : split (D.H.M. really destroy everything here with 14 tracks of barbaric noisy grind !! STOMACHAL CORROSION recorded here 12 traxxxx 25 sept. 2016 including a AGx cover!! GREAT stuff from BOTH!! Lim. & # to 200 copies!) 

DORDEOUVIDO/MONSTROMORGUE : split (AAAWESOME release !!! DxDxOx play raw screaming HC/GRIND destruction and MONSTROMORGUE awesome MINCE/GRIND caos with at the end great R.D.P. and AGx covers !!!!)

DYSMORFIC/STRESS : split (awesome GRINDCORE blasts from 2 KILLER bands !!!)

EBOLA / VOMITHATENOISE : split (killer split from ITALY !! blaaasting noisegrind/grindcore sounding ultra raw !!)

EMBALMER : Embalmed Alive (EMBALMER has always been known as a ferocious live band, delivering devastating performances to stages for nearly 30 years. During that time, a lot of great musicians have contributed to EMBALMER's legacy of sickness & brutality, with drummer Roy Stewart remaining as the band's founding patriarch. Contained here on "Embalmed Alive" are 15 tracks spanning EMBALMER's entire career. This recording is meant to be a representation of a typical headlining setlist. Also included are studio-quality versions of two songs from 1992 ("Taxidermist" and "Projectile Vomit") that never got a proper official release. All tracks on Embalmed Alive were recorded live all the way through, with no studio magic, triggers, or edits!) 5€

EXPIRATION : ...future ? (great GRINDCORE from SPAIN !!!)


FEAR OF MY BODY/INFECTED FUNGUS : split (Total HARSH/NOISE split orgasm !!! FOMB is Tony from PERMANENT DEATH being excessively electrocuted !!!)

FLESHRIPPER : ripping Mallorca (live set from these old-school DEATH/GORE/THRASH band!)

FORMLESS MASTER : First Strike (Karate-Grind. Kyoto, Japan//Minneapolis, MN, USA Featuring members of GRIDLINK, MORTALIZED, DETERIORATION, INVIDIOSUS. Euro version limited to 50 copies!!) 5€

GOD DISEASE : Hymns For Human Extinction (Death metal band from Helsinki, Finland. Founded in 2010, disbanded in 2012, reunited in 2013 with a new lineup!) 5€

GORGASMICO PORNOBLASTOMA : s/t DEMO (5 traxxxxx of sick brutal gore from Portugal! Lim. & # to 300 copies!) 3€

GORGONIZED DORKS/BESTIAL VOMIT : divide & conquer (noisegrind vs. Lo-fi on B.O.G. !!!)

GORGONIZED DORKS/PISSDEADS : split (aaaaarrrrgggghhhh... the dorks here with recordings from 2008 !! pummeling synth fueled noisecore !!! PISSDEADS destroy with another NOISEBLAST session that will make you RUN !!)

GROG : madness horror and guts live (live excretions from these GOREGRINDERS ! pro-cover !!)

HARSH SUPPLEMENT/TDFNTFOTCFISOHOTDN : split TAPE (both deliver ultra raw and blurry NOISECORE !!)

HARSH SUPPLEMENT : harsh noise (1 hour of devastating Canadion old-school NOISECORE !! limited to 66 copies !!)

HARSH SUPPLEMENT/NAPALMED : split (fuckin’ HARSH to the bone release !! but what had you expected from these 2 bands???? Limited & # to 100 copies !!) 

HARSH SUPPLEMENT/TOPON DAS : split (Topon Das: "Untitled track" recorded April 2nd, 2014. Harsh Supplement: All noise recorded 06/06/2014, studio sessions / live at 612 Gladstone in Ottawa Canada later the same day! Limited & # to 100 copies !!) 

HARSH SUPPLEMENT/AGATHOCLES : split (Agathocles side has 12 raw grindcore songs recorded in 2013 in Geel, Belgium. Harsh Supplement = Old-School noisecore blasts recorded in 2015. Limited to 106 Hand Numbered Copies!!!) 

HARSH SUPPLEMENT/MALAD : split TAPE (the HARSH SUPPLEMENT session was recorded on 09.03.2014 and MALAD have here a session recorded on 27.07.2017 !!) 4€

IZOGGA : zit stalo luchshe, stalo veseley (grind/hardcore from Russia !!! real crazy stuff... !!!)

INDUSTRIAL HOLOCAUST/SETE STAR SEPT : split (both bands their live set from SAO CAOS 10/10/2015 !! limited and # to 100 copies!)

INHO : Demo (new old school NOISECORE project in the vein of FEAR OF GOD with Bert/BIZARRE X and Mogel from CxTxD !! ) 4€


KORCHA/THE SYMBIOZ : KORCHA is a black metal/punk project by two men - one from Russia, second from Canada!! THE SYMBIOZ - metal hardcore/punk band from Ukraine !!) 

KRYPTOSEXUAL CANCROID/HATEBOX : split (total Italian noisy grind... whatever...!!!)

LASERGUYS : you believe these laserguys? (The unreleased second album released as a pro-printed TAPE, 37 songs of Norwegian grind! Lim. 100 !!) 

LOST GORBACHEVS : rolling stories live tape (Jazzy NOISECORE blaaaasts… freaky but great shit !!) 

MANGLER : are you ready for something like that? (yeah... thé Russian MORTICIAN !!!!)

MASS EXTINCTION : Never-Ending Holocaust (CRUSTGRIND/CRUSTCORE duet from Fair Lawn, New Jersey, USA with a 10 track full length TAPE!) 5€

MAXIMUM THRASH : skate drunk and violence (7 traxxx of GRIND/PUNK shit from Indonesia !! raw and thrashy as hell !!!) 

MESRINE : live and obsessed (live material from 2007 ; 2010 ; 2011 !! AWESOME shit !!! limited + handnumbered to 100 copies only !!!)

MESRINE : source of hatred (the TAPE version from the NEW full length from this CULT Canadian mass murder grind machine !! limited to 250 copies straight from Canada!!) 4€

MORBID VOMIT : friends are for killing TAPE ( c60 - unreleased MV tape from 1990. drum-machine idiocy now available for your displeasure !!) 3€

MORGANE DESBEET/TDFNTFOTCFISOHOTDN : split (MORGANE DEBEET create some sonic and spacy noise scapes !!! cool shit !! take some usual metal stuff and speed it up by computer and you get TDF... pure useless garbage ! )

MORTE LENTA/DREK : split (Brazilian MORTA LENTA recorded 452 traxxxxxxx for this split with Czech NOISECORE freaks DREK that have both their demo’s on here!!) 

MUCUS : biesscore from pollution of society for shit and prostitution in a political chaos. In fucking anarchy of barak! TAPE (17 traxxxx of relentless old school GRINDCORE featuring Artur SQUASH BOWELS on vox !!) 

MUCUS : ta mere est Vielle, prie pour elle DEMO 2004 (the 2004 DEMO that came out on CD-R became now a real DEMO TAPE via SICK PHOQUE !! GREAT work !!) 

MUKEKA DI RATO : gaiola (Mukeka di Rato play a loose, wild, super-catchy, and hyper-energetic style of fast hardcore with an appreciation for anthemic mid-tempo pop rockers and the occasional samba/reggae/chiiiillllll part (and the occasional blastbeats-and-grind-vocals part to balance). They have an instantly recognizable sound and vibe entirely their own (well okay maybe their other band Merda feels the same way to me haha). Perfect hardcore music that can't help but bring a smile to your face) 

NECROCANNIBALISTIC VOMITORIUM / SMERSH : split (awesome PORNGORE from Ukraine and blistering NOISECORE from Russia !!! both bands do also an exxxcelent DEAD INFECTION cover !!! YOU NEED THIS BADLY !!! ofcourse a B.O.G. release ! and please i'm NOT resposible for ANY damage caused after or during playing this tape !!!)

NECROTIC ERUPTION/SEVVER : split (NECROTIC ERUPTION are a fresh rotten GOREGRIND band from Russia with a live set erupted late ’18 in Utrecht, Netherlands! SEVVER is an AWESOME GORE band from Tokyo, Japan with their first release here! 5 traxxxx ooozing from insane sickness and I really am looking foreward to hear some more stuff from them or actually from both bands! ULTRA Limited and handnumbered to 55 copies and they cum all in Pink cassettes!) 4€

NEKRO DRUNKZ ‎: Terminal Perversion (The 4th full length album from Portland, Oregon's sultan's of sleaze! 100% unfiltered and unsettling death grinding defecation. Take a listen, feel the sleazy metal power and become just like the mutants on the cover artwork! Deranged cover art painting by Skadvaldur. Recorded by Charlie Koryn. Mastered by Phil Kusabs. For fans of ABSCESS, IMPETIGO, PUNGENT STENCH, and NUNSLAUGHTER. This cassette was specially mastered for ultimate sleazy analog heaviness!) 5€

NONSENSE/PRAIA DE VOMITO : split (total raging old-school grind/HC/THRASH coctail from Croatia !!! and Brazilian PRAIA DE VOMITO do some total blurrrr grindcore rehearsals with Nils from AGx on some backing vox !!)

OKSENNUS ‎: ЖЖЖ (Death metal band from Finland. Formed in 2010 with 5 tracks here! Program repeats on both sides! Limited to 50 copies!!) 5€

PARADONTOSIS : striking the stench of rotting mouth TAPE (Ultra noisy GOREGRIND from Russia !! limited to only 50 copies !!!) 4€

PARALYZED SOCIETY/SHUTDOWN : split TAPE (PARALYZED SOCIETY are from Holland and are a new band formed with members from HEADCRASH / MATKA TERESA / FUBAR / D-COMPOSE. Raw GRINDCORE with raw recordings in vein of ROT / AGx !! SHUTDOWN is a side project of Bastardass and A.R.M. people. Blistering Power Violence like CROSSED OUT / LACK OF INTEREST !!) 

PATATOR : old school grinding punk (tittle says it all maniacs... raw as shit grinding punk and ohh so old school stuff !!)

PENIS ENLARGEMENT : cannibal lollocaust (sexy noisecore from Italy !! i loooooove it !!)

PENIS ENLARGEMENT : enlarge me (another great demo tape from these insane lovers !!)

PENIS ENLARGEMENT/SHIT OF SATAN : split (More from these Italian crazies… FUCK MUSIC!! Out on LO-FI records !! Limited & # to 200 copies!!)

PESTILENT FRAGMENTS : pimea oma puoli (rumbling drone... harsh... noise...AWESOME)

PICADILLO GENITAL : san martin humano DEMO (aaaarrrggghhhh… now that the AWESOME MACHETAZO is sadly disbanned let me present to you PICADDILO GENITAL !! The king is dead, long live the king !!) 

PISSDEADS : create your own hate 2009 (aaaarrrggghhh... new out on the B.O.G. tapedivision !! TOTAL INSANE OLD SCHOOL NOISECORE from Russia !!! 45 minutes of pure insanity... this one will make you gasp for air... ouugghh !!!)

PISSDEADS/DISLEKSICK : split (again another exxxxtremely iritating noiseblurrrr release on my tape division that wil make you leave everything behind that you love !! extremely harshnoisegrind from Russia vs. Canadian bikenoise !!!)

PISSED YOUTH : Fuckyougraphy (Blasting Fastcoreviolence for fans of YACOEPSAE and CHARLES BRONSON ! limited & # to 55 copies!) 4€

PROCTOLOGIST : in advanced hemhorroidal conditions… TAPE (PROCTOLOGIST are a Pure GOREGRIND project from HAGGUS members !!) 4€

PSYCHOTIC SUFFERANCE/VOMIT HATE NOISE : split (ultra crushing grindcore release on B.O.G. ! lim. to 100 !)


PSYKOANALYYSI : ulostus live (GREAT band from Jyväskylä FINLAND existing from 2008 that are fuckin’ influenced by and sound like TERVEET KADET, PSYCHO, TINNER, NAPALM DEATH !! All live material on this RAW TAPE !! Really aggressive stuff !!!) 


PUTREFACAO/BRUTAL ORGASMO : split (total old-school DEATH METAL from Brazil !)

PUTREFIED GENITALIA : the dead (GORE/DEATH rehearsals+live stuff from GREECE !!)

PUBIANUS : utopia sonora (demo 2006 with technical GRINDCORE from Brazil !! comes with pro cover !!)

RETARDNATION : tortured to death & industry of pain EP’s (Contains the "Industry of Pain" and "Tortured to Death" EP's, both released in 2013. Limited to 80 copies !!) 

ROTOCLES/ROTTINGREX : split (RAW and PUTRID FILTHY MINCECORE from both !! limited & # to 100 copies only on BOG !!) 

ROTTINGREX/YATTAI : split (RAW MINCECORE from Indonesia with a AGx cover ofcourse !! vs. French faaaaastcore maniacs YATTAI with a blistering 16 track live set recorded Feb. 1st 2014 !!)  

RUST/ARROYO : split (this is a BOG re-release of the original release from 2012 done by the bands themselves ! this edition contains 3 BONUS traxxxx from ARROYO !! aaaarrrrggghhh… expect ultra raw Finish OLD-SCHOOL GRINDCORE !! limited and # to 100 copies from BOG !!) 

SAKATAT : live at Obscene Extreme fest 2008 (awesome soundboard live recordings from their BLAAAST on OEF !!! comes with pro printed covers and a printed tour report on both sides printed a4 size !! lim. + handnumbered to 300 copies)

SATAN'S GOD : crux de la violence (BASSGUITAR distortion insanity ! Amazing stuff !!!)

SAUERKRAUT/TDFNTFOTCFISOHOTDN : nuclear noise assault split TAPE (nothing more to add to the tittle !!)

SCUM BITCH/BUKKAKE VIOLENCE KOMMANDO : split (another disgusting release on ROTTING ABORTION!)

SEDEM MINUT STRACHU/ORAL PROTECTION : split TAPE (amazing low-fi NOOOOOIZZEEEECORE eruption between 2 killer bands from Slowakia and Indonesia !! Out on BOG and that means ofcourse # & limited to 100 copies!! NOISECORE in it’s PUREST form !!!) 

SEDEM MINUT STRACHU/DE BLENDERS : split TAPE (SMS with live material from 2013 !! KILLER STUFF that will blow you away for sure !! DE BLENDERS are from Belgium and play some stinking beer noisecore crap !! LOVE IT !!!! including members from VRV and ANXIETY DISORDER !!) 

SEDEM MINUT STRACHU x LEECHER : split (twenty six sedem minut strachu sonx manipulated and mastered by LEECHER!) 

SEDEM MINUT STRACHU feat. 7M$ : symphonies of IT sickness (7+ minutes inspired by Carcass agenda, 5643 Song Ep and daily life) 

SEDEM MINUT STRACHU : untitled (26 sonx of madness from 7M$ with Filip / Jakubysko on guitarzzz!!! Limited to 100 copies!!) 4€

SEDEM MINÚT STRACHU/CxTxD/DISINTELLECTUAL : 3 way split (total NOISECORE 3 way destruction! This ‘Ultra Crap’ version is limited to 60 handnumbered copies and they come in piss-yellow colored tapes!) 4€

SETE STAR SEPT/RESTO DE FEIRA : split (Japanese emperors of NOISECORE have here their AMAZING 17min set from OEF 2013 !! RESTO DE FEIRA are killer NOISEGRIND from Brazil !! a KILLER split # and limited to 100 copies !!) 

SETE STAR SEPT/KAYAK : (amazing new split on BOG !! Japanese NOISEGODS with more excellent bluuurrrrrr recorded feb. 2014 ! KAYAK is a French harsh/noise/drone project you got hear !! surely no boring shit!!) 

SETE STAR SEPT/HANGMANKIND : split (aaarrrggghhh… total blurrrrr on this split !!! f*king awesome !! NOOOOIIIIIIISSSSSEEEE !!!) 

SETE STAR SEPT/GROSSEL : split (5 traxxx from SSS recorded @ Grand Blue Studio on July 12-2015 !! French Mincers GROSSEL blast 6 traxxx recorded live @ La Biu – Biel CH) 

SETE STAR SEPT/NOISE BRUTALIZER : split TAPE (Japan NOISECORE duo vs. Indonesia NOISECORE newcomer !! Limited to only 40 !!) 4€

SHITFUN/MESRINE : split TAPE (aaarrrggghhh… this is a TOTAL serial killer themed split !! SHITFUN from Brazil are …euh the Brazilian MESRINE !! and MESRINE are fucking MESRINE !!! all have LIVE recordings on this split !! limited + # to 100 copies on BOG tapes !!) 

SHITNOISE BASTARDS : recharge EP TAPE (all shit recorded 31/10/2013 !!! act fast because only limited to 60 copies !!!) 

SHITNOISE BASTARDS/DISPOSICION NEGATIVA : split (seriously AWESOME split released in Peru by AHOR CASSETTES !! SHITNOISE BASTARDS do some NOISECRE improvisation stuff and DISPOSICION NEGATIVA play some excellent LO-FI GRIND/MINCE stuff !! TOP release !!)

SMG/PSYCHOPATHIC : split TAPE (aaarrrggghhh… probably 2 of the RAWEST GRINDCORE bands from the Asian region !! perfect old-school HARSH sound !! Limited & # to 100 copies out on BOG records & tapes !!) 

SMG/MASS SEPARATION : split (the TAPE version of the previous released split 7" !! RAW grind from Malaysia !!) 

SOCIAL DEFORMITY : grotesque depravity (awesome grind with d.m. influences,pro-cover)

TERMINATOR 666 : death of all DEMO 2017 (MINCECORE band from Kaliningrad, Russia with here their latest demo including 5 ripping traxxxx!) 4€

TERRORAZOR : stairway to heaven (another great demo by this German band !!)

TERRORAZOR : apocalyptic visions (demo recorded November 2007 !! More GRINDCORE then tape below !! killer !!)

TERRORAZOR : ask the dead (demo 7 recorded feb. 2008! Awesome DEATH/GORE/GRIND !!!)


TxQxBx/GORGONIZED DORKS : split (total fucking noise destruction from both bands makes this a real demented release !! only 100 copies !!!)

TUNKIO/DEATH BASKET : split (Ear ripping noisegrinders clashing with young masters of mince. Repress on purple cassettes!) 4€

TURPEDO/SEPTIC MUTATION : toiletsores (gargling splatter toiletgore dismemberment ...)

VARIOUS : yuppie-crushing crustgrind massacre!!! 4-way split with NUCLEAR DAWN (crusty grind WARHEL (classick crust) DISMAL (raging crust) VOMITROCITY (gore metal)

VARIOUS : manhandled by 7 mental patients! 7 way split TAPE with M-16 SUICIDE ; ROTTEND STUK VROUWENVLEES ; SMUT ; VOMITHRONE ; HEMORRHOIDAL ANAL SUFFERING ; ORAL MUTILATION ; CUNT SHITTERS bbbwwwuuaaaeeeekkk... ultra splatter gore !!!)

VARIOUS : garbage 4 sic (4 way split including awesome putrefied bands alike MUTILATED EAR-DRUM ; MELANOCETUS MURRAYI ; GORE GALORE ; DECOMPOSING VOMIT !!! exxxxelent release by S.O.A.R.S. !!! )

VARIOUS : gutspuking foursome (4 way insane split release including ANUS TUMOR ; SCUMFUCK ; DIAPHRAGMA & 50 WAYS TO KILL ME ...complete splatter distortion... distorted... eh ??? just simply MAD !!)

VARIOUS : 3 way noisegrind tornado TAPE (3 way split feat. EXISTENCE IS DECAY ; GORGONIZED DORKS ; INTESTINAL INFECTION . after much delay this soon stated as 'CLASSIC' release finally was released on mankind !!!)

VARIOUS : 4 way split (co-release from B.O.G. and SaOrS !! including GORGONIZED DORKS ; PENIS ENLARGEMENT ; VULGAR NAUSEA and SANGUINARY NERVOUS SPASM !! total raging and radical release... limited to 200 hand. Copies!) Alike the 2 releases mentioned above... this one is from the same series !! essential stuff !! ...enjoy GRIND)

VARIOUS : noise don’t cry (international ear-damage compilation feat. traxxx from MOTHERPIG ; KAZAMATE ; RVOTA ; KZ9 ; more… awesome shit from all bands !! released by AHORCASSETTES RECORDS from Peru !!) 

VARIOUS : BOOM!! Music is dead (4-way tape feat. HATEFILLED COCKS ; GARABATO ; DEEP FRIED EMBRYO ; FUCK ME FUCK MY NOIZE limited & # to only 40 copies !! so don’t hesitate !! Brazil Import !!) 

VARIOUS : cesi n’est pas une compilation (16 bands on this one incl. CUM SOCK ; GRINDER BUENO ; EXTREME HAIR STENCH ; SHITFUN ; VRV and more… KILLER comp. TAPE out on SICK PHOQUE records from France!!) 


VISCERAL CLIMAX : grindcore contra o poder - demo tape - limited to 100 copies !! 


WHORESNATION/DOOMSISTERS : split (Two bands from the French East Coast! WHORESNATION plays GRINDCORE while DOOMSISTERS deliver a massive mix of GRINDCORE, POWERVIOLENCE, SLUDGE and CRUST!)