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Posted by marc.luyten6 on December 28, 2021 at 6:15 PM

Hello GORE/MINCE/GRIND & NOISE maniacs everywhere! With ’21 coming to it’s final days we do the traditional yearly lookback and a little glimpse into the near future. Yeah goddamn let us please stay positive and perhaps also negative in a medical way ofcorpse, here in Belgium we tasted like 2 months from ‘total freedom’ before slipping back into a depressive virus peak with all restrictions returning and chaining us in one way or another. Not only this virus had some influences on ’21 but also it seemed that the vinyl boom really exploded worldwide, as a little vinyl only hobby label I was straight infected, because of the huge demand in big quantity pressings/re-pressings delays increased to 6 a 9 months so being patient became again the only way to go! Anyway, besides all this trouble I’ve managed (hopefully) to do some interesting releases for you all out there!? New releases with excusive recordings done for BOG and MELTAAARGH!!!! but also vinyl debuts or first time on vinyl releases so yeah I can’t complain at all!! Early ’21 I was still busy with the TOLERANCE LP when in March the FECE VOMITATIE LP came out! I managed to keep everything secret ‘till the day of release and oh yeah it came with a BANG!! Hahahahaha… now that was a shock for many it seemed and what a flood of great reactions I got... Me and Rogier where very happy with the result and yessss… there will be a second FV LP in ’22 (you probably seen already Rogiers promo flyer?) so watch out for it! At the end of May after a few minor set-backs with the printing, nothing big but very annoying when you have organized for the very first time ever pre-orders I released the brand new DT80K s/sided 12” Aaaarrrgghhh… I was totally blown away when Ville contacted me and this way I want to say THANX A LOT to him and the rest of DT80K for their trust and letting me do the Euro version!! But oh boy… how good I tried and organized everything in my head + notes everywhere on my desk, I totally wasn’t ready for it! This level of STRESS I never experienced before and I easily can say it where the heaviest and most intense 5 – 6 weeks from my label existence ever for sure!! I really began to miss the free hours of spinning records/cd’s and tapes… just relaxing and enjoying the collection and at that point I realized that I never ever will leave my status of HOBBY/FUN label based on passion to do this FULL time and for a living because then I think I will go MAD from stress to be even more different then all the others in this jungle of labels because it takes a lot more then just doing a 8th re-press from a LDOH release or hunting labels/bands to do a tape or cd release from their new records, that’s the ‘easy’ way and it won’t last in long terms for sure! As you probably heard from me before, I like to choose different and unusual paths to walk on, and yes this comes with ups and downs but luckily the ‘ups’ are in favor for me!! It was during the period that the DT80K was released that I got the awesome news about the huge delays at the pressing plants, Oh well yeah nothing we could do I guess then doing a little swearing and just be patient! At one point somewhere in ’20 I changed the ideas + format behind MELTAAARGH!!!! and when I received the first materials from the bands/projects they where delivered to the plant. First release was the INFESTER 12” and came out in September followed in December by the PULMONARY FIBROSIS 12” the second of a set of 3 releases in a row! Yeah, again some FANTASTIC response from all over the world so I’m very happy people dig everything, they turned just out like I had it in my mind so very happy about that aaaaand I received already the test-press copies from FACE010 and was promised to have the final pressing here in Feb. THANX SO MUCH for all the SUPPORT to my labels and ‘till the next time! All the very best for ’22! Marc

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