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B.O.G. records / MELTAAARGH!!!! records

Posted by marc.luyten6 on July 17, 2021 at 6:50 PM

Hello overthere! I had some craaaazy weeks after the DT80K s/sided 12" came out and we are down to the last  25 mailorder copies so it was just pure madness! First ever pre-order i did and learned a lot about organizing for the possible future pre-orders i might do or perhaps just return to the usual strategy and surprise you all with a ready to ship vinyl release? Anyway that brings us to the whole point of this post and the key word was already mentioned before : future!?? What will the future bring us from MELTAAARGH!!!! records and BRINGER OF GORE records? Normally i would have posted a new release around these times BUT right now there are these insane delays at the pressing plant going from 7 to 9 months for a 12" pressing that i just have really no idea when the next release wil be ready?? (hard to do a pre-order thing that way he!?) Anyway, besides being patient and having only ????? i can maybe reveal a little of what to come (tell you something and also nothing!!;)) right now there are 3 MELTAAARGH!!!! productions @ the pressing plant + already some BRINGER OF GORE plans what is currently being worked on by the bands! The MELTAAARGH!!!! releases went from 7" format to 12" format still s/sided and 200 copies each! (after these 3 productions we shift over to full 12" 's !!!) expect test-press versions and 2 different vinyl colors (100 each) + a poster included with each copy! Got some rad bands/projects on it that i'm so super exited about to get them revealed at release day/weekend! it just makes the waiting all more difficult! But i promise that the MELTAAARGH!!!! records releases won't disapoint you for sure!! (btw they won't be all filthy GOREGRIND/GORENOISE !!! 1 will be a little different!! :P) ok that's all for now folks... be patient please and all will be just fine!! THE FUTURE IS YOURS!!! 

Thanx for your time!


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