B.O.G. records & tapes

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B.O.G. records

Posted by marc.luyten6 on May 4, 2021 at 11:45 AM

Hello everybody! here finally the NEW release date set for the BOG108 DT80K : s/s 12"

And yes some unexpected things happened so i had to move the release date of this griiiindcrusher to the weekend of 29th - 30th of May! 

all pre-orders / wholesales start shipping from Monday the 31th !

80K times SORRY for this little extra delay! Just waiting for the printed stuff to include with the 12" (all the rest is ready) fingers crossed this is the final date and nothing else horrible happens next week! things could get lost in transport... oh let's NOT think about that please and just focus on next weekend already!

Thanx AGAIN already for your MEGA patience + MEGA support via pre-order/wholesale!

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