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Posted by marc.luyten6 on December 30, 2020 at 6:40 PM

Hello everybody! Well that damned 2020 is running to it's last hours and perhaps it's time to look back + a little glimpse on what '21 will bring!? Sure, it won't hurt to do that... 2020 started as a regular year, first months i was still verry bussy with the VOMI NOIR LP that came out in dec. '19 and gave me some crazy months for sure! Really proud i was alowed to do that one (thanx Pierre!!!) and it was just amazing to see it pop-up in several year lists that appear on all different social media! Anyway, i was in full prep. of getting FACE006 & FACE007 ready and released that the world suddenly stopped in a way. We had our first and probably harshest lockdown 'till now and yeah we had no choice at all then to stay home with only allowed to shop for foodstuffs and other necessary things and that was it. For me not a huge problem but postal services shutting down everywhere, now that was my worst nightmare!! parcels got stuck in other countries/continents, some returned after borders got closed during their trip and ofcorpse a few got lost too! After both MELTAAARGH!!!! ep's where done i started working on the verry last EP release that will be happening here (never say never ofcorpse but i think it's really final) and that was the BOG099 SMS/DISLEKSICK split 7" postal services to ship outside of Europe where really going step by step every month back to some kind of 'normal' functioning, just slower then normal + every month they added a new batch of countries to ship again at so that was wonderfull news for the mailorder/trade/wholesale parcels! During the summer we (me and Urho) where already bussy to get everything prepared/going for the upcomming TOLERANCE debut full length! Yeah... Urho really shared all his ideas about art/layout and i was allowed to join from the very first raw recordings 'till last and final mix. Altough we live far away from eachother i had really the constant feeling i didn't miss a note or idea! Now that was really an AWESOME experience!! aaand everytime he asked if i agreed or 'do you like it?' 'sound ok for you Marc?' .... ahahahaha it was just (again) AWESOME!!!! So preparing was already so much fun (STRESS for Urho!!!) did we know how crazy the weeks/months would become after it was released!!?? i think not at all!!!! maybe hoped and ofcorpse i always knew that TOLERANCE was so f*cking GOOD but so maaaany killer reactions... parcels...parcels and more parcels that went out, just crazy!!! Despite 2020 being a very strange year because of all covid sh*t it was labelwise really great! So what will bring '21 ? hehehe... well i have some really great releases lined up! Don't expect details yet... i prefer to surprize you all when it's ready and done. There will be some rather big changes on the MELTAAARGH!!!! releases and that will be not only the size of the records!! You know what... just relax and wait for more news sooner or later!! :) oh btw i noticed the TOLERANCE LP on some year lists so THANX A LOT for that!!! Alright i hope we get a better and more normal '21 with some gigs (didn't we missed that so hard!???) Maaaaany thanx to all the people that supported me in each way!!! without you people all here was just nothing!!!! THANX and TAKE CARE!! see you in 2021 !! Marc 

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