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I will ALWAYS try to ship your items as cheap as possible! inside of Europe, bigger orders (above 1 KG) will be send by UPS ; DPD ; GLS... i check before what courier the cheapest option has! Smaller orders alike 1 or a few TAPES or EP's wil be shipped with Bpost! 

For Belgium order above 60€ and DON'T pay postage !

For Europe & USA order above 100€ and DON'T pay postage !

R.O.T. WORLD i will give discounts on the postage but all depends on how big you order!

any questions? just ask here via contact (the MORE option on the sellect bar above) or via : [email protected]

thanx a lot!


***new or re-stock !!


ABERRANT/DER : split LP (awesome blaaaaasting GRINDCORE from Germany and Brazil !!!) 10€

ABORTION : konvert LP (GRINDCORE from Slovakia since 1989 !! Recorded and mixed feb/march 2014 in Vomitor Sound Studio. Pressed 525 copy in AWESOME BLUE vinyl !!) 8€

ACTIVE MINDS : It’s perfectly obvious that this system doesn’t work LP (great OLD-SCHOOL grind/harcore/punk cocktail !! very social/political and environmental critical including a huge booklet explaining each track more into detail !!) 7€

AGATHOCLES : full on in NIPPON LP (AGATHOCLES live in JAPAN for the first time !!! 36 furious mincing tracks that will make you go crazy !! limited and handnumbered to 544 copies including 109 YELLOW colored copies for mailorder only !!!) 8€

AGATHOCLES/SETE STAR SEPT : split LP (brandnew out on BOG records !! AGATHOCLES destroy with 25 tracks under 9 minutes !!!! SETE STAR SEPT are CULT too !! awesome raging ultra harshhhh NOISEGRIND eruptions from the land of the rising sun !!! this raw piece of NOISEGRIND is available in BLUE vinyl limited + # to 125 copies and 386 BLACK copies also # !!!)  8€

AGATHOCLES/RUST : split LP (FINALLY out on BOG !! The AGx traxxxxx are in fact played with a ‘all star’ line-up including members from ROT / SOCIAL CHAOS an AGATHOCLES = AGAROTHOCLES CHAOS TEAM !! 9 tracks recorded in Oct. 2013 in Brazil !! RUST are from Finland and play some KILLER RAW GRIND highly influenced by AGx and ROT !! I’m VERY proud to release their vinyl DEBUT on BOG !! limited and # to 560 copies including 300 BLACK = 7€ 128 BLACK/RED splattermix = 8€ 132 RED vinyls = 8€)

AGATHOCLES : commence to mince LP (Belgian mince kings AGATHOCLES return with a brand new 2016 studio album in their plus 30-years period of musical and rock star destruction. 35 raw, nihilistic, short mincecore songs in 34 minutes. Including a cover song of one of the best veteran Brazilian punk bands DESNUTRICAO. Simply put this is top-notch AGx release comparable to evergreen full lengths like "Black Clouds Determinate", "Razor Sharp Daggers" and "Grind Is Protest" comes in a beautiful GATEFOLD sleeve!!) 11€

AGATHOCLES/KINGTERROR : split 10” (yeah… few copies back in stock so don’t wait too long if you still need this AWESOME split 10” !!) 8€

AGATHOCLES ‎: Baltimore Mince Massacre LP (38 traxxxx recorded on Friday 22nd July 2016 during an afternoon in Baltimore, USA in a small rehearsal-studio with the Koen/Jan/Nils + Joe Warkentin from ARCHAGATHUS / VIOLENT GORGE /… doing vox/guitar! RED vinyl limited to 200 copies copies in stock! all come with a full colored 12 sided booklet!) 12€

***AGATHOCLES : Theatric Symbolisation Of Life DOUBLE LP (this is the APATHIC VIEW edition released in ’17 containing the following materials: Tracks A1-B5 were recorded on 2nd, 9th and 23 November 1991 at Nightingale studios in Antwerp, Belgium. Tracks C1-C7 are taken from the AG / Riek Boois 7"EP, recorded at FNAFF-studios in Dessel, Belgium on 13th August 1988. Tracks C8-C10 are taken from the AG / V.N.A. 7"EP, recorded at Nightingale studios in Antwerp, Belgium on 10th February 1990. Tracks C11, C12 are taken from the "If This Is Cruel"7"EP, recorded at Nightingale studios in Antwerp, Belgium on 14th August 1989 and 10th February 1990. Tracks D1-D5 are taken from the "Fascination Of Mutilation" Live 7"EP, recorded live in Aalst, Belgium on 3rd June 1989. Track D6 is taken from the AG / Smegma 7"EP, recorded live in Aalst, Belgium on 28th October 1990. Tracks D7, D8 are taken from the AG / Blood 7" EP recorded live in Aalst, Belgium on 28th October 1990) 19€

***AGATHOCLES/MIXOMATOSIS/SACTHU : 3 way split 12” (Super nice 3 way with 10 traxxxx from each band carved for eternity on this glorious piece of wax! The AGx tracks where recorded in 2008 with Tony on Bass just a month before he… MIXOMATOSIS have here a session recorded between ’19 – ’20 And SACTHU have a live recording done dec. 2019 + 1 earlier track from August ’19! Released by 13 !! labels so very hard to trade and probably the only copies in stock ever = DON’T HESISTATE to get yours!!!) 10€

***AGATHOCLES : To Serve... To Protect LP (Finally remastered and re-released on 12 inch vinyl 20 years later, this 1999 hardcore minced punk classic is available. Just absolute killer anthem after killer anthem, 20 tracks pressed on gorgeous vinyl!!) 10€

***AGATHOCLES/DE BLENDERS : split LP (yeah… probably the last re-stock of this AWESOME split LP!! Already from 2015 so if your looking for a mint and brand new copy don’t wait too long!! MINCE/NOISECORE madness on it’s best!!) 10€

***AGATHOCLES/UITSCHOT : Wat Is Hier Aan De Hand 12" (back in stock… some of the best AG material ever. Catchy HC punk but with that brutal mince touch that only AG are capable of. Uitschot is Koen AG's old punk band...recorded in Belgium in 2006 but sounds like US HC 1984. Just killer!) 10€

***AGATHOCLES : Thanks For Your Hostility DOUBLE LP (PIU rerelease from late 2019! Well, this is a 40 tracks double LP of really intense musical aggression! It will probably please to those more into hardcore & crust, but it has a big portion of great grind! So requires the listening of grind freaks too. Obviously a must-have for Agathocles completists. The bonus material (11 tracks) was recorded in the National Radio Station in April ‘96 and was broadcasted a few month later!) 19€

***AGATHOCLES : Anno 1993 - The Branch Davidians Bloodbath 12" (This is the second full 12 Vinyl „LP album in the series of 8 albums with complete Agathocles sessions which were made for various 7“ EPs, recorded and released between 1990 and 2003. And what do we have here? Well, the complete studiosession which was done at the SOUNDSHAPE studios in Arendonk, Belgium on 27th of November 1993. The recordings you will hear on this album were used for split 7″ EPs with bands such as PATARENI (Croatia), MAN IS THE BASTARD (USA), AUDIORREA (Spain), SOCIAL GENOCIDE (Austria) and SMASH THE BRAIN (Japan). The song „is it really mine?“ was recorded for a benefit compilation 10″ LP called „no desire to continue living“) 14€

***AGATHOCLES : Anno 1994 - The Order Of The Solar Temple Suicides 12" (Here we have the third 12″ Vinyl LP album in the series of 8 albums with complete Agathocles sessions which were made for various 7″ EP’s, recorded and released between 1990 and 2003. This time, we have a full studio session recorded in December 1994 at the SOUNSDSHAPE studios in Arendonk, Belgium. The recordings on this album were used for 7″ EP’s such as AGATHOCLES/ROT (Brazil) split 7″ EP, AGATHOCLES/PLASTIC GRAVE (Czech Republic) split 7″ EP, AGATHOCLES/CARCASS GRINDER (Japan) split 7″ EP and AGATHOCLES – back to 1987 7″ EP. Mince on! The covers of all 8 records of this series make up the complete triptych „The Garden of Earthly Delights“ by Hieronymus Bosch) 14€

ANTIGAMA : stop the chaos LP (brandnew release on SMG records !! 6 tracks of foreward thinking grindcore !! available in RED or WHITE wax !!) 10€

ARCHAGATHUS : coffee grinder LP (aaarrrggghhh… finally out on B.O.G. !! originaly should this have been a 7” but through the massive delay of a few years I descided to do it in 12” format !! more trax… more MINCECORE… MORE FUN !!! available in limited BROWN colored wax only at B.O.G. !!!) get a BLACK vinyl limited & # to 440 for 7€ or a BROWN vinyl limited & # to 125 for 8€ !! 

ASS TO MOUTH : degenerate LP (The long-awaited second full length from Wroclaw, Poland’s maniacal grindcore tacticians ASS TO MOUTH. “Degenerate” is the band’s first release to feature new vocalist Kuba, formerly of other volatile grind acts SELFHATE, PARRICIDE and TOXIC BONKERS !!!) 8€

ATOMÇK : every room in Britain LP (ATOMÇK are a trio from the UK's wet and wild south-west. They have been plugging away for over a decade, evolving their primitive noise roots into a uniquely eccentric and offbeat brand of GRINDCORE for thee end-tymes. "Every Room In Britain" is a 17-minute head crusher of cacophonous chaos, all furiously catchy riffs and inhumanly shrill, stuck-ape vocals with pinpoint drums that border on the chaotic) 8€

BASTARD NOISE/BIZARRE X : Self Righteous Suicide / ...Ethik?... split LP (Back in 2011 Bastard Noise went on Tour in Europe and they played one day together with Bizarre X and a plan for a split release stated. So here we are. Bastard Noise recorded 4 ultra sonic tracks with his unique voice and noise, just pure insect war electronic. recorded by Mr. Rozon Bizarre X deliver use 11 pure drum and bass songs, recorded at Zk Studio and mastered by Mr. Rozon The Sound is like: 'I’m RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE BAND PLAYING WITH A DIABOLICAL PA SYSTEM !!! Fuck yes !!!!' (Eric Wood) This record is pressed on virgin vinyl with pro done jacket and 12" sized inlay. runs at 45 rpm for the best soundquality) 11€

BIRDFLESH/ORGAN DEALER : split LP (GRINDCORE band from Växjö, Sweden vs. GRINDCORE band from New Jersey, USA!!) 10€

BIRDFLESH : Extreme Graveyard Tornado LP (Sweden masters of thrashing GRINDCORE are finally back with the first album in over a decade! And it's crazier than ever! For fans of Macabre, Impetigo, Ghoul, Repulsion!!) 10€

BLACK SUN : paralyzer LP (First ever release on vinyl from the UK's most pummeling and heavy band, Black Sun. The first track "Prison Of The Cross" takes up the entire A-side, starting off as a SWANS-esque lesson in harsh rhythmical battery, before a beautiful lull featuring Glasgow drone wizard Noma on keys, after which we go into a sort of post-Neurosis chorus which shows Black Sun at their most melodic, before reverting to a raging finale which has a vaguely mid-90s metalcore sound. Amazing! The second side is compositionally more similar to previous album "Hour Of The Wolf"; "Hammer The Nails" has a very sub-industrial feel to it - cold and muscular - with the remix stripping the track to its bare bones and highlighting its pounding, rhythmic monotony. The whole side is very stylistically similar to GODFLESH's "Slavestate" in both sound and execution. LIMITED to 500 copies !!) 8€

BLUE HOLOCAUST : flesh for the cannibal god LP (yeah… total GIALLO GORE madness from mr. Pierre de Palmas! This LP was recorded with the same line-up that recorded the VOMI NOIR full length! 300 copies are pressed and all in BLACK waxxxx!) 10€

CAPTAIN CAVEMAN : failed species LP (CAPTAIN CAVEMAN unleash a torrent of ear-rending bass and drums Powerviolence on their first full length 'Failed Species'. Opening in classic Grind style with a three second sample the German trio immediately set about bullying the listener's ears on the furious opener "Taste The Waste", staccato blasting riffs interspersed with stomping d-beats are the theme here and do not relent throughout the release. Comparisons can easily be made to contemporary Powerviolence greats like Water Torture or Iron Lung and Grind legends such as The Afternoon Gentlemen, or maybe even the metallic edges of an act like Rotten Sound in places, the performance captured on this album is characteristically tight and concise) 8€

CATHETER : Southwest doom violence LP (brandnew new full length from 303 grind outfit from Denver, CO. Great comeback after 7 years since their last album. GATEFOLD cover + insert !!) 10€

CHIENS : Vultures Are Our Future 10” (GRINDCORE from France pressed on transparent green / black splatters colored vinyl & comes with a Gatefold cover! Limited to 500 copies!) 9€

CHIENS : xTrendyxJunkyx s/sided 12” (The gonzo-est of the most gonzo GRINDCORE imaginable 10 songs of full fury on 1 sided 12" !!) 10€

CHOKED BY OWN VOMITS ‎: Shit World LP (Second album of Czech killer GOREGRIND gods with 16 blaaaasting traxxxx! Available on multi colored vinyl!!!) 10€

COME BACK FROM THE DEAD : caro data vermibus 10” (Death metal from Galicia, Spain, formed in 2008 !! for ENTOMBED fans !!) 8€


CREEPING CORRUPT/HELLISHEAVEN : split LP (brutal death metal disaster worship for SUFFOCATION & ABORTION style made by punx from WOJTYLA ; EVIL ;... vs RAGING CRUST METAL alike DISCHARGE ; BOLT THROWER ; STORMCROW done by dudes from SUFFERING MIND and H.407 !!) 10€

CRIPPLE BASTARDS ‎: Live to hate people LP (Imagine a live set starting with “at the end of show, I’ll get the one that threw this bottle and I’ll fuck his mother” and culminating into a riot, broken PA and desperate sound technicians and promoters threatening to call the cops. It’s not an ordinary live album, it’s the first official Cripple Bastards’ live full length, the insane follow up to “Live to hate people” 3″ MCD (1998) including – on popular demand – the highly debated Rovereto show interrupted by a furious riot and anarchists throwing bottles on stage. This has been captured by a crystal ultra-powerful soundboard recording, and besides the fun fact of all the insults and gags between the songs, you also get the best sounding CB live performance ever, strenghtened by the band vs audience hostilty of the whole set! This also includes as bonus the older “Live to hate people” vol.1 originally released 15 years ago as a 3″MCD and now completely remastered. All together 32 songs of rabid Fastcore/Grind in the total hateful spirit this band has been delivering for 25 years with no compromise and remorse!! Insert including photos, flyers and liner notes) 10€

DECHE-CHARGE : disgrace to the corpse of Seth LP (aaaarrrggghhh… finally after +20 years their 12” debut is out !! 1001 tracks of insanity available on 3 colors of vinyl !! limited to 115 PINK copies/115 WHITE copies and 330 BLACK vinyls !! comes with glossy insert and shrinkwrapped !! COLORED vinyl = 8€ and BLACK vinyl = 7€)

DECHE-CHARGE/DEFLOWERED CUNT : split LP (Yeah… a little over 4 years after ‘Disgrace…’ and here is the next 12” from the Canadian noise clowns!! This time it became a split LP with UK/USA based DEFLOWERED CUNT !! Exxxxpect TOTAL NOISECORE BLURRRRR CHAOS from both !!) 8€

DEFLOWERED CUNT/7MON : split LP (German and UK/US noise-core ultimately ripping and fast!! Limited to 500 copies on Colored waxxxxx!!!) 8€

DESCENT TO HELL : our cross to bear LP (hardcore/punk from Holland !!!) 6€

DETERRENCE/YATTAI : S/S split 12” (DETERRENCE from Lublin, Poland with SUFFERING MIND member on guitar deliver here 9 new songs - pure fucking GRIND CORE for fans of ASSUCK, great songs with awesome sound - total D.I.Y. recording! YATTAI are one of the fastest bands in France, more than 10 years on scene, after many releases & splits (w/ TREPAN DEAD, JACK, ROTTING REX) with new songs YATTAI will rip your head off, no mercy - for fans of DISCORDANCE AXIS or BLOCKHEADS!! Limited edition to 500 copies all various colored vinyl!) 8€

DISBEATLESS/MARCH OF THE HORDES : split LP (presented to me as sounding like stenchcrust I didn’t exactly know what to expect but it surely sounds like a massive bulldozer blaaaaasting through your house !! GREAT!!) 8€

DISTURBANCE PROJECT/RAS : minimaesperanza en un mundo ciego 10” (After stopping DENAK, the guitar and drummer started DISTURBANCE PROJECT, full of OLD-SCHOOL grindcore !! On the other side after a lot years playing, touring around Spain and Europe, RAS recorded these tracks full of grindcore!!) 8€

DISTURBANCE PROJECT : grita mientras puedas LP (25 traxxxxxx of machine gun blaaaasting GRINDCORE from Spain !! oughhhh…) 8€

EMBALMING THEATRE ‎: Unamused rancid flesh LP (KILLER sick GRINDCORE from Switzerland! 15 tracks here including a MORTICIAN and DRILLER KILLER cover! 400 made on rancid flesh marble vinyl!!) 10€

FREAKNATION : 7x3 10” (back in stock!! Hyper POWERVIOLENCE madness from Spain!!!) 8€

FRONT TERROR/HIDEOUS CHAOS : split LP (Both play extreme GRINDCORE - demos 89/90. FRONT TERROR is pre-DEAD INFECTION !! comes in multi colored vinyl limited to 500 copies!) 10€

FUBAR : lead us to war LP (Latest full length from the Dutch F.U.B.A.R. !! oldschool GRINDCORE mixed with fast hardcore !! available in YELLOW colored vinyl!!) 9€

FUCK ON THE BEACH/TERLARANG : split LP (Japan FASTCORE/VIOLENCE veterans with 7 new crushing & crazy tracks vs. Malaysia thrashing GRINDCORE inferno with 14 furious & filthy tracks!!) 8€

FUCK THE FACTS/FISTFUCK : split 10” (Ottawa's bastardized grinders and Quebec City's posi-grinders come together to deliver 17 tracks of corrosive brain splattering GRINDCORE that will leave you with a twisted neck and a bloody nose. For high velocity grind freaks only!) 9€

GORGONIZED DORKS/RUPTURE : safe ape split 10” (amazing stuff from both bands !! RUPTURE has here some fucking raw rehearsals recorded in 1990 and remixed for this release !! Ben and Katz continue their campaign for musical destruction with 10 more PUNK/NOISE tracks ! including guest vocals from Seth Putnam rip recorded over the phone !! comes in awesome MARBLED colored vinyl !! limited and handnumbered to 500 copies !!) 8€

GREEN TERROR : green terror LP (AWESOME and furious crushing DEATHGRIND from the States !! limited to 300 copies in GREEN vinyl!!) 10€

GROTESQUE ORGAN DEFILEMENT : body horror LP (yessss… finally this CLASSIC debut full length back in stock!! A 31 minute GOREGRIND roller coaster that doesn't slow down for one second! RATSSSSS…!!!) 10€

HAEMORRHAGE ‎: Forensick Files comp. LP (Rare material on 12″ LP!!!! Spain pathological GOREGRIND gods with 22 traxxxxx to go mad on!) 12€

HEINOUS : the basement LP (Debut full length album from Arizona GORE maniacs HEINOUS !! 15 traxxxxx of putrid madness… aaarrrrggghhh… 500 copies pressed on glorious vinyl! Must have !!) 10€

HØRDÜR ‎: Hubris LP (20 grind songs for 23 minutes, melted with a lot of extreme metal/punk influences ranging from death to black with fastcore and sludge influences!) 10€

HUMAN CULL : revenant LP (On 'Revenant' HUMAN CULL push their already frantic crust-tinged blast-heavy grind of the last release into overdrive, featuring a huge production from Will Blackmon (Gadget, The Arson Project) and furious instrumental performances running in the style of 'FETO' era Napalm Death or 'Human 2.0' Nasum) 9€

HUMARROGANCE/HELLISHEAVEN/CZAS ZLAMAC/BATTERED : 4 way split 12” (4 polish hc/sludge/crust bands on one LP !!!) 8€

HUMUS : s/t LP (14 tracks of insane punk/grind from Italy !! very aggressive shit including a HERESY cover !!!) 8€

HUMUS : eternal condanna LP (thrashing & brutal hardcore mixing 80’s u.k. fast hc ala heresy/intense degree/unseen terror with u.s.a. old school grinding crust ala disrupt/destroy! 14 crushing tracks. art-work by antonio/angst) 8€

HYPO CHRISTIANS : Terror during prayer LP (back in stock!! 13 tracks of christ hating, bass heavy, loud , filthy, and destructive grind-noise direct from the gulf coast. This isnt your tight pants wimp-core poser shit!!) 10€

IDIOTS PARADE ‎: idiotsgraphy 2003 – 2013 LP (FASTCORE band from Zvolen, Slovakia. Active from 2004 to 2012 and you get here their discography on a nice black colored 12” limited to 400 copies!) 8€

INFANTICIDE : Misconception of hope LP (Swedish Old School grind in the veins of Napalm Death and Terrorizer!!) 9€

INGROWING : Aetherpartus / Heads or Tails LP (Two last MCD on LP version!!!! 100% grindcore massacre!!! GATEFOLD SLEEVE !!) 10€

ISACAARUM : whorecraft LP (Czech SICK GRINDCORE !! released in 2013 !! only suitable for the most disturbed minds… grrrrr…) 8€

JACK : neurosis LP (JACK are here with their second full length from Hungary! Blazing and blasting grindcore / crossover thrashcore done in a very unique way. The feeling of the old school is very evident here and brings to mind PHOBIA, and NAPALM DEATH. Pure thrash grind, still combining metal, and hardcore. This shows a lot of growth for JACK!) 8€

JAKUBYSKO/PASKUDA : split LP (JAKUBYSKO is furious metal grind crust like as MASS GENOCIDE PROCESS and this is their first vinyl record. PASKUDA have one split 7" with DEPRESY MOUSE and are on a 6 way split 7” with some fastcore stuff. Here their first split 12” in Brown vinyl and with nice lyrics insert from both bands !!) 8€

KINGTERROR/SOCIAL CHAOS : split 10” (Belgian DIY HARDCOREPUNK from Belgium vs. GRINDCORE from Brazil !! MUUUUUST !!!) 8€

LAST DAYS OF HUMANITY/STOMA ‎: 138 Minutes Body Disposal/Gory Human Pancake split LP (This CLASSIC split now for the first time available on vinyl including the original cover art inside on the inlay! Limited to 250 copies in BLACK vinyl!) 10€

LAST DAYS OF HUMANITY/WARSCARS : split 10” (Dutch blasting GOREGRIND gods vs. French GRINDCORE project from GRONIBARD!!!! Sick split on 10″LP!!! Limited to 200 copies in black colored vinyl!!) 10€

LYCANTHROPHY/BLOOD I BLEED : split 10” (LYCANTHROPHY recorded, mixed and mastered at Shaark recording studio 2012 & BLOOD I BLEED recorded @ 74B/ Reduzum in February 2012! Limited to 400 clear copies!) 9€

LYPHATIC PHLEGM/TORSOFUCK : split 12″ (Re-press cult GOREGRIND split on LP!!!! Sick pathological goregrind cult!!! Vs sick porn necrophiliac goregrind!! Pressed to 150pcs in ORANGE colored vinyl!!) 10€

MARUTA : foreward into regression LP (Taking grindcore to the next level, Maruta returns with their sophomore release. Forward into Regression contains 16 tracks of deep seeded misanthropy that are armed to the teeth with an overabundance of surgically precise riffs, relentless speed, and volatile dissonance. Equally emotional as it is abrasive, this is truly an essential listen for ANY extreme music aficionado. If you think Dying Fetus is to soft and Misery Index are to slow, just try MARUTA. The vinyl edition comes in a deluxe gatefold cover on 300 gr. and heavyweight 180gr. vinyl. Limited edition of 500 copies!) 9€

LIVET SOM INSATS/PP7 GAFTZEB : 12" split LP (Raw punkish Scandigrind vs Swedens answer to GG Allin) 9€

LORD GORE : Scalpels For Blind Surgeons LP (Featuring former and current members from Engorged, Frightmare, Ritual Necromancy, Blood Freak, Fornicator and Torture Rack, legendary Gory Death Grind combo LORD GORE have shaped their third album right 15 years after their previous "Resickened" adding a strong filthy old school death metal vibe to their renowned death grind formula! For fans of Autopsy, Pungent Stench, Impetigo, Rigor Mortis!!) 10€

MASTIC SCUM : ephemeral cerebral butchery LP (killer release by RODEL records in 1993 !! great old-school DEATH METAL with GRIND influences !! sometimes it makes me think on the ‘Theatric…” release from AGATHOCLES !!!) 8€

MEAT SPREADER : excessive consumption of human flesh S/s LP (Here's the debut material of MEAT SPREADER. New gore grind core band with some history behind. Jaro, Tocha (ex - Dead Infection), Artur (Squash Bowels) and Radek (The Dead Goats/Neuropathia) are members of this filthy and rough noise making monster. So let's smell the odour of rotten flesh and start grinding your own bones....ughhh!!) 9€

MESRINE : source of hatred LP (Yeah… here it is FINALLY!!! The brand new 2017 release from Quebec City grinders MESRINE. This album celebrates the 20 years of whirlwind grindcore madness! 23 new traxxxxx of murder and hartred!! Limited to 300 copies on BLACK vinyl!!) 10€

MASTIC SCUM : mind LP (killer GRINDCORE with some groove from Germany with later NAPALM DEATH influences !!! Recorded in 2005 and it comes in a great GATEFOLD sleeve, 180 gr. BLACK vinyl and limited to 400 copies !!) 8€

METRALLETA : s/t LP (new record of this great band, 15 new tracks full of power, angry and extreme HARDCORE with also fast grinding parts !!) 8€

METRALLETA/KOBORY : split 10” (TOTAL Spanish GRINDING split !!! KILLER faaaaast and hatefull material !!!) 8€

***MODORRA/BODYBAG : split 12” (DEATH/GRIND band form A Coruña, Spain featuring Dopi of mighty MACHETAZO. This is their second release! MODORRA are a GRIND band from Sweden! Comes in nice YELLOW colored vinyl!) 11€

MUGRIND : spoko evillution porko dio LP (grind-crust stuff with metal style touch and punk life style brutal feeling sometimes they remind on NAUSEA from LA !! those depressing slower parts !! great stuff !!) 8€

MY MINDS MINE/SICK OF STUPIDITY : split LP (You will suffer under high voltage of MY MINDS MINE and SICK OF STUPIDITY. Dutch GRINDCORE pioneers are back. Graphic design by Maciej Kamuda. Limited to 500 copies all in multicolors !) 9€

NECROMORPH : under the flag LP (So, but now full speed ahead. The Blast Division NECROMORPH is getting ready for the next attack! The new album '' Under The Flag '' is released on the drooling Grind pack. NECROMORPH from Berlin, over 20 years of living Grindcore in the old tradition of ROTTEN SOUND, GENERAL SURGERY, NASUM & REGURGITATE. After 5 years of waiting, there is no turning back.15 hot songs are at the start and the band has tricked everything in this acoustic outbreak of violence. In the 30 minutes, they not only combine good old Swedish Death Metal or Grindcore with maximum speed and extremely groovy riffing, but the five guys go on their chosen path and also incorporate more progressive elements in the intelligent song structures, so the '' Under The Flag '' at no time degenerates to one-sided bill orgy. All this is mixed together to an energetic mixture of the various types of extreme Musi(c)k and garnished with partly German texts. So turn your eyes and ears to this vociferous argument and secure it now!) 9€

NEEDFULL THINGS : tentacles of influence LP (second album of these Czech maniacs NEEDFUL THINGS called "Tentacles of Influence" finally available at vinyl! 600 copies on GREY vinyl!) 9€

NEEDFUL THINGS : deception LP (latest full length from these Czech grinders !! 15 blaaaaasts recorded mid/late 2017 and released in 2018!) 9€

NYCTOPHOBIC ‎: war criminal views LP (few copies back in stock! the classic ’96 release for the first time on vinyl in multi colors!) 10€

PIGSTY : the return LP (LP version of cult grind core album!! LIMITED 300 PIECES!!!! GATEFOLD SLEEVE !!) 10€

PARLAMENTARISK SODOMI/BxSxR : split LP (PARLAMENTARISK SODOMI deliver their most insane and interesting stuff to date. Absolute bonkers and off the wall stuff that you will not be able to keep up with. BxSxR play fastcore h.c. in the vein of RUPTURE with bizarre lyrics and rapid speed) 10€

PROGRESS OF INHUMANITY/HEAD CLEANER: split LP (both bands are from Greece and play GRINDCORE alike later NAPALM DEATH !!) 8€

PUS : Cases of death 12” (PUS'(Fin) 'Cases Of Death' was originally just an inside project for 2 guys and there wasn't supposed to be any further releases. The release was a consequence of Eruption's (a grindcore band) disband around Y2K. The sound and lyrical content was heavily influenced by Cannibal Corpse and Macabre and guess you can hear some hints of 90's grindcore there as well. But after given it a bit of thougt, Jarkko & Jarkko ( both plays also in TORSOFUCK ) decided to establish a real live band and it was decided, that the band would start fresh with new songs, members and a direction, but the name of the band would still stay the same, PUS. And this is what happened, but 'Cases Of Death' seemed to start living a life of its own and somehow it seems, that even today it has the most recognition and exposure. We hope this new remastered release will help it to take it even further! Guest Vokills on 3 Songs by Mikko Friberg of Torsofuck !!!) 10€

PUTRESCENCE : voiding upon the pulverized LP (The final disguisting slab from Canada's Gore Grind maniacs PUTRESCENCE! A fitting display of filth that embodies the seminal Death Grind band of over 13 years. Release comes on the heals of the band's performance at Maryland Death Fest!!!) 9€

RAGEOUS INTENT : rageous intent LP (Madrid based old school GRINDCORE with DENAK/DISTURBANCE PROJECT members! 16 crushing & blasting tracks + covers from UNHOLY GRAVE and EXCRUCIATING TERROR!) 10€

RAW NOISE APES : Electroconvulsive Blast Orgy 10” (Blasting orgy from the early days of NAPALM DEATH to the sick beats of GORE BEYOND NECROPSY !! fucking KILLER 10” limited & handnumbered to 500 copies !!) 9€

RAW NOISE APES : Damnatio Memoriae LP (yeah… back in stock now!! Total GRINDCORE whirlwind destruction!! Limited to 300 copies!!) 10€

REPULSIONE : sunrip LP (Italian POWERVIOLENCE maniacs created a BLAAAASTING 12” here!! Ughhh… FAAAST stuff !!) 8€

REPULSIONE : desecrating LP (New LP from 2017 from these Italian Maniacs!! And AWESOME in any way!! KILLER GATEFOLD sleeve with amazing artwork from Luis Séndon !! 14 new crussssshing traxxxx including a COMRADES cover!!) 9€

REVOLT : gate of holocaust LP (killer old-school DOOM/CRUST/DEATH from Japan !!! released by AWESOME MOSH POWER records !!!) 11€

SEDEM MINUT STRACHU : general fucking LP (This record comprises a ton of short blasts on the first side, and on the flip is ostensibly a free-form "jam" that has slow bits, fast bits, a mouth organ (!) and what sounds like an animal being run over by a lawnmower. For the last couple of minutes it even goes into lounge-jazz territory. It's absolutely fuckin brilliant. Limited to 200 copies!!) 9€

SEDEM MINUT STRACHU/DE BLENDERS : split 10” (Besides the bands this is a TOTALLY different release then the split TAPE released on BOG some years ago!! All new ART and NOISE!! Co-release by 7 different labels incl. BOG !!) 7€

SETE STAR SEPT/7MON : split LP (perhaps call it 1 GIGANTIC NOISE ORGASM?… PURE DESTRUCTION?...actually both are true! Ofcourse you know what to expect… it’s not a 7” so it ain’t over before you started absorbing all the chaos!! NO… it’s a 33rpm LP and both sides are crushing!! Available in 3 different colors: BLACK ; GREY MARBLED & FLUO PINK waxxxxx ! 8€ each or get all 3 in a package deal for 20€ + postage !! NOISE !!!!) 8€

SETE STAR SEPT : beast world LP (For the last 12 years, Sete Star Sept has been one of the most exciting grind bands ever. From a constant worldwide touring schedule taking them from USA and Europe to Brazil and Australia to Cambodia and Nepal, to an expansive discography showing an ever mutating style of grindcore-cum-noisecore, Sete Star Sept never ceases to be on the front of our minds. I never thought I'd see the day where a noisecore band was going to help bring about world peace, but here we are. After 3 years of splits and 12" EPs, the refinement towards "the most shit band" continues with a new proper full-length album. Recorded here in Baltimore with Mike Walls (SPHC noise scientist), Beast World LP is doubtless one of the best entries in Sete Star Sept's discography and one of the best grind records in some years. A-side features 23 songs in 11 minutes so you know it's awesome. Insane grindcore/noisecore that bursts at the seams with energy and aggression. Nonstop blasts, all go and no slow. A raw and noisy sound adds to the chaos but the crystal clear Mike Walls mixing-style allows the madness to go down rather smoothly. B-side is a special treat, similar to the B-side of their last LP Visceral Tavern. Shit noisecore of the highest order, executed in a manner only seen at a select few live performances around the world. I won't spoil the surprise, but long-time fans will be pleased. Art and layout by the esteemed Rudolfo de Silva) 10€

SIX BREW BANTHA : intravenously commodified LP (This second LP is their most refined and matured work to date. The songs got a little longer, but don't be scared the blurring aspects and chaotic arrangements are still the primary aspects of their sound, only now the songs have enough meat on their bones to become memorable and powerful statements in and of themselves. With incredibly tight and precise playing caught with a powerful, hard-hitting production, the record captures an ideal Six Brew Bantha at an ideal setting. Fucking awesome!) 10€

SIX-SCORE : lebensraume LP (second full-length from this GRINDCORE band from Austria for fans of NASUM !!) 8€

SMD : born against LP (AWESOME THRASHPUNK HARDCORE stuff from the States !! only few copies in stock straight from the USA so act fast!!) 10€  

SPAZZ/SUBVERSION : split LP (POWERVIOLENCE band from Redwood City, California that started in 1992 vs. classic CRUST from Sydney!) 8€

STRAIGHT EDGE KEGGER : hurt LP (Snotty female fronted thrash/punk from Fresno,CA. Limited to 500 !! comes in WHITE vinyl !!) 8€

SULFURIC CAUTERY/HORRIBLE PAIN : S/s split 12” (Visceral, no frills, GRIND avalanche from the Midwest vs unrelenting, raw, vomitous GRIND from Canada! Limited to 500 copies on BLACK vinyl!) 10€

SULFURIC CAUTERY ‎: Chainsaws clogged with the underdeveloped brain matter of xenophobes LP (a pure HYPERGOREGRIND massacre from start to finish. taking inspiration from the fastest of GOREGRIND, NOISECORE, and GRINDCORE, sulfuric strive to push the limits of speed, brutality and disgust as far as humanly possible. listen at maximum volume and let the three sets of vomitous vocals, punishing riffs, and excessive ping blasting absolutely defile the concepts of compromise and dynamics) 11€

SPASTIC BURN VICTIM : care home inferno LP (Spastic Burn Victim are a five piece stuporgroup evoked by members of Skat Injector, Halo, The Digitariat, Gymnastic Decomposition and Cementimental. Unashamed and unrelenting butchering electronics in a haphazard blurring whirlwind of harsh noise grindcore filth. 47 tracks of demented noise-grind smashed into 30 something minutes!!) 10€

SQUASH BOWELS ‎: Dead?....Not Yet!!! LP (AWESOME collection of their first 3 demos on vinyl! "Dead?!" Demo '95 ; "Furgott" Demo '94 ; "International Devastation" Demo '96 + a bonus track! All with Japan style OBI!) 10€

TERLARANG/GODSTOMPER : split LP (GODSTOMPER Bay Area Grind Legends!!! newest stuff in a long time ..on their 33 rpm side. TERLARANG Malaysian fastpunk rip out what they do best on their 45rpm side. This is on colored wax ....) 8€

TERRORAZOR : Abysmal Hymns Of Disgust LP  (After releasing dozens of demos and splits Germany's TERRORAZOR return with the debut full length. “Abysmal Hymns Of Disgust” brings forth 19 songs of ripping old school grindcore with some death and thrash metal influences. The band is led by Avenger (NOCTURNAL, EXORCISM, FRONT BEAST, THE FOG…) on guitars/bass, Cryptkeeper (WITCHBURNER) on vocals and Skullsplitter (NOCTURNAL) on drums. The album was mixed and mastered by Joel Grind (TOXIC HOLOCAUST) and artwork handled by Putrid (AUTOPSY, CIANIDE, COFFINS, GRAVEYARD, HOODED MENACE, IMPETIGO). This is a must have for fans of REPULSION, TERRORIZER, DEAD INFECTION, old NAPALM DEATH, BLOOD, IMPETIGO, and SLAUGHTER (Can)  10€

TEST : Espécies LP (GRINDCORE / DEATH METAL duo from São Paulo, Brazil! Contains folded 12" b/w inlay with lyrics!) 10€

THE AFTERNOON GENTLEMEN : pissedography LP (GRINDCORE/POWERVIOLENCE band based in Woodhouse, Leeds, that began in 2007! This is the second pressing edition feat. tracks from various splits limited to 300 copies in various colors!) 9€

THE KILL : kill them… all LP (Latest THE KILL release. Aussie blast machine with 19 new songs including a REGURGITATE cover !!) 10€

THE MILD : coffin tree LP (Coming out more than 2 years since their debut EP “Left To Starve”, “Coffin Tree” was recorded, mixed, and mastered at Mal DeTesta Recording Studio in Padua, Italy. The offering smashes the hurdles between crusty, d-beat punk, powerviolence and grindcore infused hardcore and good old thrashy metal) 9€

TRAVOLTA/MARXBROS : split LP (POWERVIOLENCE from Heultje vs Dutch / U.S.A. HARDCORE/PUNK !! Split release by LONER CULT records and TO LIVE A LIE records !) 8€

UGFC : Stalinist God LP (UGFC or UNCLE GRASHA'S FLYING CIRCUS their new 12” wanders around many extreme genres, but dark ambient, death-industrial and harsh noise can be regarded as its base. Because of its harshness/primitiveness of raw industrial aesthetics this will be surely something delicious for you NOISE loving maniacs!! Both versions in stock!!) 10€

UNHOLY GRAVE/SETE STAR SEPT : split LP (UNHOLY GRAVE have here a live set recorded at 924 Gilman in 2002 including 14 traxxxx of great LIVE GRIND RAWNESS!! SSS deliver 17 tracks of their well-known GRINDNOISE BLAAAASTING madness recorded on July 12, 2016!! Available in 3 different colors GOLD = 8€ CLEAR VIOLET = 8€ BLACK = 7€ or all together as a package deal for 20€ !!)

VAGINAL KEBAB/HUMAN SCRAP/SCROTOVARIOS/MUTILATED JUDGE : 4 way split LP (aaaarrrrggghhh… fucking nice sick 4 way split 12” !! noisy and gore soaked stuff from all 4 bands!! Act fast because I have only few copies in stock!!) 9€

VARIOUS : 5 way orgasm of death LP (This comp. features tracks by some of the most brutal POWER ELECTRONIC/HARSH NOISE/WALL artists ever to emerge from the bowels of upstate NY…WAVES CRASHING PIANO CHORDS ; ROSY PALMS ; SWALLOWING BILE ; SUNKEN CHEEK ; FOOT AND MOUTH DISEASE… you will cum!! You wil die !!) 10€

VARIOUS : mustache mincers 10” (yeah… back in stock !! Over a year in the making this manly mustachioed masterpiece is FINALLY out! Nineteen punishing tracks spewed out by twelve bands from all over the world! Limited to 500 copies AND it comes with a patch !!) 9€

VOMI NOIR : Les Myasmes De La Deliquescence LP (YESSS… and here it is my sick bastards!!! The GOREGRIND debut album of 2019 and beyond… haha… oh well, to me it is! But hey, you may easily switch with the new BLUE HOLOCAUST LP if you prefer, recorded with the same line-up. Both came out around the same time and really are TOP in artwork and recordings!! The VOMI NOIR debut full length is available in 3 different colors! NEON YELLOW TRANPARENT & BROWN OPAQUE both each 9€ and VOMI BLACK vinyl = 8€ or collect them all as a package deal + poster & 6 sticker set for 20€ + postage!!)

WARFUCK ‎: This Was Supposed To Be Fun LP (This mammoth record, including 15 songs in 23 min, features their strongest songwriting to date – while also delivering their most bone crushing breakdowns yet and terrifying, break neck speed. Prepare for grinding ear rape…) 10€

WEEKEND NACHOS : Punish And Destroy LP (grindcore/powerviolence/hardcore savagery from the USA! This is the 2016 repress version from BONES BRIGADE on BLACK wax!) 9€

WEICHE : weiche LP (This is the German WEICHE their debut LP ! 35 min. of dark brutal bulldozer sounds… negativity to the max!! with some industrial influences… ) 8€

WHORESNATION : Mephitism LP (WHORESNATION is la crème de la crème of the french GRINDCORE. Probably the fastest and most violent band in the neighbourhood. Touring like maniacs all over the world since 2009. First repress on special edition with alternative cover and available in frozen blue transparent vinyl!) 10€

WOJCZECH : regret repeat LP (Blasting through 11 tracks in 20 minutes this is the 4th full length of germanys notorious speed command. clocking in about the perfect length for a grindcore rager put on 45 rpm vinyl all is here: technical execution of 90ies Morrisound grind (Assück), straight forward full throttle thrash blast (Repulsion), dissonant tritonus chord progressions (Discordance Axis), serious mindfuck twist (Rorschach) as well as out of control mosh breakdown power violence worship! grind core is not a commodity here, lyrics address to the point, well -you would hate to know!) 8€

WOJCZECH/KRUPSKAYA : split LP (German grind unit Wojczech release three pulverizing and varied tracks for this ambitious split with UK band Krupskaya. They add more flavour to the proceedings and remain unpredictable for the most part without compromising on the sonic impact. Sounding like a contemporary blend of early Brutal Truth, Nasum, Dephosphorus and even Pig Destroyer, they've covering many sub-styles and it all falls in place beautifully. Here's grindcore that's not monotonous but just as exciting. Krupskaya from UK tear the place down after a pensive build-up, and they're astonishingly fast. Reminiscent of Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Exit-13 and Yacopsae, their music will give you a head rush. Interspersed by atmospheric passages, their wild blasting feels even more intense and is bound to leave you scampering for cover. Crazed-up, hyperspeed grindcore is the order of the day and Krupskaya are one of the finest bands at present at that) 8€

XAROS : fat & furious LP (killer GRIND from France !! 20 tracks of hate and frustration !! comes in RED vinyl !!!) 8€

X-TORSION : do it yourhell LP (Band born in Barcelona in 2014, they are ex-members of “Apocalyptic Terror”, ”The Capaces”, ”Cs-137", ”E 150”, ”Holocaust In Your Head”, ”h-zero”, ”Net Weight”, etc.. playing an ultrafast blast-beating hardcore with some GRINDCORE parts !! This is the ‘special’ edition including the "Odio a mi Patria"-Flexi EP !!) 12€

YACOPSAE/IRATE ARCHITECT : split 10" (German speed freaks vs German death metal! Absolute crusher of a 10” release!) 9€